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Monthly Archives: July 2011

WCF Data Service not found in “Add New Items” list

I just studied some heads up about WCF Data services and their implementation. I wanted to try it out. As per the instruction given in the demo video, I created a Framework 4.0 application in Visual Studio 2010 and got to the point of Add New Items. I could not find the “WCF Data Service”


WCF Data Service would not appear in the Add New Item dialog box.

I could not find the WCF Data Service because I had created a console application. My expectation of finding a WCF template in Console application was a fair one since a regular WCF service can be created in any Project type.



You can find the template only in the Web Application Project. It doesn’t appear in any other project type, even in the Silverlight. At this point I don’t have the answer for why the WCF Data Service is not shown in other templates though. However, “AppFabric-enabled WCF Data Service” can be found in all the project templates.