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Friendly Names in MVC Html Helper created labels

Html helpers that come with MVC are smart enough to find the kind of field we try to work on and produce HTML accordingly. For instance, if I use the EditorFor() method


for an integer or string, it’ll generate text box as the editor in the resulting HTML. If EditorFor() is applied on a Boolean, it’ll display a checkbox as the editor.

We have many helper methods that we can find very useful while writing MVC views. Most frequently used ones include,


Friendly Names

When we use LabelFor(), it would usually display the Property name (The variable name). For example, when I write the following, it simply displays the text “HasBranchesOverseas” on the Web page.

@Html.LabelFor(modelItem => item.HasBranchesOverseas)

On a web page we want the friendly names to be displayed not the variables names.

To provide a friendly name to the property, use System.ComponentModel. DisplayNameAttribute.

[DisplayName(“Has Branches Overseas”)]
 bool HasBranchesOverseas { get; set; }

 Now if you use @Html.LabelFor(), you’d see “Has Branches Overseas” on the web page, instead of the plain variable name.


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