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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Folders created in solution not being deployed

I had some custom folders I created in my MVC3 application, such as Attachments, Forms etc. which I would use from code. For example, one of my web page would receive file attachments (Files being uploaded from the client side) from the user and store it in Attachments folder in the solution.

When I deployed my application, the these folders I didn’t show up on the Web Server.


Then I realized that the visual studio while deployment would not deploy any empty folder. Rather, it deploys files; if the file requires a new folder to be created it would create the folder.

So I created a simple text file in each of these custom folders, say AboutTheFolder.txt. This file ensured that the file gets created after creating the folders I was looking for.


Cannot generate SSPI context


I started receiving the “Cannot generate SSPI context” message recently whenever I run my application from the web server.



It is turned out that this is due to the service account given in the AppPool had undergone a password change.



Look at the AppPool service account and update the password. 🙂