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Cannot generate SSPI context


I started receiving the “Cannot generate SSPI context” message recently whenever I run my application from the web server.



It is turned out that this is due to the service account given in the AppPool had undergone a password change.



Look at the AppPool service account and update the password. 🙂


Visual Studio Colors and Themes

I am a fan of dark background in Visual studio. I used to set the colors manually.

But I just came across an interesting site where we can download ready made font color settings. I could find a lot of attractive dark themes out there.

Create and share Visual Studio color schemes

I just wanted to document it for future references.

Note: Keep in mind to export your current settings before downloading the new color schemes, so as to keep the option open for rollback.

On the other hand, if you wish to change the way the IDE’s windows look, Visual Studio Color Theme Editor is a nice extension to chose. This provides a menu full of themes and coloring options.